kernel32: Fix writing to a pipe in WriteConsoleW().

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Aug 23 15:35:22 CDT 2011

Le 03/08/2011 18:07, Francois Gouget a écrit :
> WriteFile() checks if the handle corresponds to the console and if it
> does invokes WriteConsoleA(). This barely escaped an infinite loop but
> messed up the string encoding as CP_UNIXCP is usually different from
> ---
> I noticed this issue while testing the net.exe tool. After making it
> use WineConsole() I was getting the following outputs:
> $ wine net stop
> Spécifie le service à arrêter.
> $ ./wine net stop | cat
> Sp├®cifie le service ├á arr├¬ter.
> It turns out that it's because we only get through the WineConsoleW() ->
> WriteFile() ->  WriteConsoleA() loop in the second case.
could you elaborate a bit more. in case of wine ... | cat, the standard 
output should be a pipe not a console
so writeconsoleW is supposed to fail
so it would make more sense to simply let WriteConsoleW  fail when 
is_console_handle(hConsoleOutput) is FALSE ?
(similar functions as WriteConsoleA, ReadConsoleA/W should be protected 
the same way)


Eric Pouech
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