[4/6] ddraw: Convert dwZBufferBitDepth into a DDPIXELFORMAT (try 3)

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Tue Aug 30 18:50:43 CDT 2011

On Tuesday 30 August 2011 14:19:11 Henri Verbeet wrote:
> In this specific case you probably don't care about 0 though, so you
> might as well just do something like
> "out->u4.ddpfPixelFormat.u3.dwZBitMask = ~0U >> (32 -
> in->u2.dwZBufferBitDepth);".
That looks nicer than my solution, I've changed the patch accordingly.

dwZBufferBitDepth=0 is an error on Windows and Wine(with my patch), but the 
return value is different from the other tests, so I kept the test disabled 
for now.

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