wininet(2/4): Rename a couple members based on publicy available information

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Fri Mar 4 14:03:25 CST 2011

For this patch, I relied on documentation from Joachim Metz on the
meaning of these fields.  That documentation is in a PDF file entitled
"MSIE Cache File (index.dat) format specification" and available on
sourceforge, and at the following direct link:

I emailed Joachim, and he stated that he did not use disassembly or
look at source in reverse-engineering the format.  He also cites
sources, and it's pretty clear from reading through them that the also
did not analyze source when examining the file format.

Let me know if relying on such a source is unacceptable.

(In contrast, information from Geoff Chappell is probably not
acceptable, since he examined disassembly: )

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