mmdevapi/tests: Add format tests. (try 2)

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[I've only changed the win_skip.  The
idea is to gather more data on
I believe the convoluted conditions in test_format should be
simplified once we understand why 5:1 HW behaves differently.
I'm not going to submit now a "IsFormatSupported:*outpwfx=NULL"
patch to remove
> +        if (pwfx2 == (WAVEFORMATEX*)0xDEADF00D) /* bug in Wine */
because I don't want to introduce a patch dependency now.]

For over 2 month you've been patiently waiting for my mmdevapi
tests.  I've split it in 2 in order to get part of it running
without failures in Wine now.  This is part 1 with all my changes
except to test_clock and test_padding.

+ It differs from what I sent to wine-devel yesterday in that
I (hopefully) fixed:
render.c:1486: this is the last test seen before the exception
reported by Erik Inge Bolsø's.

It works without failure in testbot and Saulius Krazuckas'
machines in various configurations.
Not to forget, it works on my machine with ALSA+dmix.

The reported failures in the session tests IMHO show that
we don't know yet all about sessions.  IMHO it's not enough
to blame it on bad drivers like Erik does in:

Test failures are a signal to test more, not to drop tests.

+ Exclusive mode should be handled correctly now, except

- 5:1 IsSupported vs Initialize unchanged until we know more about 5:1 cards.
Reported by Ricardo Filipe:
and indirectly Andrew Eikum in:
Andrew too has a 5:1 card and can investigate 5:1 more.

- volume failure unchanged, I don't know those tests.

BTW, I've not touched
render.c:223: Test failed: IsFormatSupported(0xffffffff) call returns 8889000e
capture.ok has a similar random failure.  I believe that test is bogus.  It
should avoid ending up calling the exclusive mode "audio endpoint" and hope/show
that the shared mode mixer aka. "audio engine" reports E_INVALIDARG.  Perhaps
using ~AUDCLNT_SHAREMODE_EXCLUSIVE is a means to enforce this, even though
that's actually an enum, not a flag.

It's too early for part 2.  The audio renderer still needs bug fixes.

	Jörg Höhle
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