[shlwapi] Add NULL checks to StrCpyW and StrCatW

carlo.bramix at libero.it carlo.bramix at libero.it
Mon Apr 16 15:23:54 CDT 2012

I updated the patch with improved tests into test_StrCpyW() as requested.


Carlo Bramini.

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>Ogg: Re: [shlwapi] Add NULL checks to StrCpyW and StrCatW
>You probably will need to add tests to prove this behavior.
>Best wishes,
>2012/4/14 carlo.bramix at libero.it <carlo.bramix at libero.it>:
>> From Bug #25261:
>> I looked the terminal output in the attachment of this bug and then I did 
>> debugging on Windows.
>> I tested StrCpyW and also StrCatW (my intuition suggested me to do so) and 
>> discovered that:
>> StrCpyW(myDestination, mySource) does not crash, it copies the content of
>> mySource into myDestination, pointer to myDestination is returned.
>> StrCpyW(myDestination, NULL) does not crash, it leaves myDestination
>> unchanged, pointer to myDestination is returned.
>> StrCpyW(NULL, NULL) does not crash, it returns NULL.
>> StrCatW has the same behavior of StrCpyW.
>> Actually, it seems to me that many string functions implemented into 
>> are already protected against wrong parameters, evidently StrCpyW and 
>> have need the same fixes that have been made elsewhere, since strcpyW and
>> strcatW don't do it.
>> Attached patch should fix the defect, it just adds the test if both 
>> are not NULL before proceeding to the copy.
>> Sincerely,
>> Carlo Bramini.
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