[PATCH 1/7] advapi32: Support service objects in GetSecurityInfo (try 5).

Erich E. Hoover ehoover at mymail.mines.edu
Thu Dec 13 15:40:47 CST 2012

Patches 1-6 in this series fix a non-fatal page fault with the Visio
installer (Bug #32360) and patch 7 fixes an intermittent 64-bit test
failure.  Patches 1-4 implement support for service objects
(SE_SERVICE) and patches 5-6 implement support for registry objects
(SE_REGISTRY_KEY).  With these patches SetNamedSecurityInfo and
GetNamedSecurityInfo should now be back to normal.

This patch adds support for service objects (SE_SERVICE) in calls to
GetSecurityInfo by implementing those calls with
QueryServiceObjectSecurity.  With this version of the patch the
unnecessary checks of the last error code on success have been
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