po: fixed remaining Slovenian true positives in the winepo error report

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Wed Feb 22 09:02:01 CST 2012

On Wed, 22 Feb 2012, Jaka Kranjc wrote:

> All the rest are either false positives (nocomma*) or strings to whitelist.

You mean that all the 'not translated' strings are actually translated 
and just happen to be the same as in English, right? I can add them.

> * potool seems to have a problem with semicolons, even though they match (also 
> checked the hex dump) and wine's legend explicitly mentions it supports them.

Ah, I'm glad you mention it. I got the impression based on vague 
Wikipedia references and some of the translations that semicolons 
translated into commas in Slovenian:


    msgid "Initialising; "
    msgstr "Začenjanje, "

    msgid "Paper jam; "
    msgstr "Papir se je zataknil, "

    msgid "I/O Active; "
    msgstr "V/I je dejaven, "

So I told pospell to expect things to be this way. But in that same 
set of messages three of them keep the semicolon as is:

    msgid "Error; "
    msgstr "Napaka; "

    msgid "Not available; "
    msgstr "Ni na voljo; "

    msgid "Default Printer; "
    msgstr "Privzeti tiskalnik; "

And that's the three comma errors that pospell reports as far as I can 
tell. So what's the final word on semicolons in Slovenian?

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