po: fixed remaining Slovenian true positives in the winepo error report

Jaka Kranjc smgl at lynxlynx.info
Wed Feb 22 09:28:18 CST 2012

On Wednesday 22 of February 2012 16:11:03 Francois Gouget wrote:
> I found a couple of other points I forgot about in my previous emails:
>     msgid "Ethernet"
>     msgstr "Eternet"
> Is Ethernet actually spelled without an 'h' in Slovenian?
> I just checked Wikipedia and it seems to be spelled the standard way
> there.
> http://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethernet
It's a bit unclear, but our defacto e-technical dictionary has the h-less 
translation, which makes sense, since ether is eter (as the true or fictional 
> Also in my previous email I forgot to mention that the /Unix line is
> missing from both start.exe usage strings, not just the one I mentionned
> before. Hopefully you will have noticed that already.
Too bad, I missed it. The two usage strings are identical though, so why not 
split the formalities away after the strings are thawed? Translators that 
don't use tools with translation memory will just have more work this way.

To err is humor

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