po: Spanish translation update for appwiz.rc and comdlg32.rc

Eduardo Garcia eduardo.garcia at gmx.com
Thu Feb 23 02:33:28 CST 2012

Hi Francois.

Just fixed it I think that everything is right now. I am going to start 
with the next patch now. If there are still something wrong, please let 
me know.

With regards.


El 02/23/12 00:50, Francois Gouget escribió:
> On Thu, 23 Feb 2012, Eduardo Garcia wrote:
>> Hi Francois.
>> With your suggestions I improved the patch, please let me know if you notice
>> something else wrong. If everything is ok I will start with the next patch
>> tomorrow.
> -#, fuzzy
>   msgid ""
>   "This value does not lie within the page range.\n"
>   "Please enter a value between %1!d! and %2!d!."
>   msgstr ""
> -"Este valor no concuerda con el rango de la p??gina.\n"
> +"Este valor no est?? dentro del rango de la p??gina.\n"
>   "Por favor, introduzca un valor entre %d y %d."
> You need to update the formatting directives in the translation. Sorry I
> missed it before. There's been a round of changes of this type to make
> it possible to reorder things in translations so be on the look out as
> you work your way through the PO file.
> As far as I can tell it's the only issue in this version of the patch.
> So I'd say thing are looking pretty good :-)

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