shlwapi: Implemented StrToInt64ExA/W

carlo.bramix at carlo.bramix at
Sun Feb 26 05:56:40 CST 2012

I improved the patch according to the suggestions that I received:
1) Removed the C++ style comment
2) Removed the WARN message
3) Added the tests for the new functions. The test has been run successfully 
on Ubuntu 11.10.


Carlo Bramini

>I tried to implement StrToInt64ExA/W as a reply to bug #27633
>I also corrected the comment in functions FormatInt() and FormatDouble() 
>because, according to MSDN, GetNumberFormat() returns the number of 
>written (or required) and not the number of bytes emitted:
>I hope my first patch to WINE is correct and it could be useful.
>Carlo Bramini.

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