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Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Sun Feb 26 08:14:18 CST 2012

It's great seeing lots of progress being made on the Taiwanese 

There are a few changes that look a bit strange to me though:

 msgid "Theme files (*.msstyles; *.theme)"
-msgstr "Ñ¾°Ö÷î}™n°¸ (*.msstyles£»*.theme)"
+msgstr "Ñ¾°Ö÷î}™n°¸ (*.msstyles; *.theme)"

 msgid "TypeLib files (*.tlb; *.olb; *.dll; *.ocx; *.exe)"
-msgstr "TypeLib ™n°¸ (*.tlb£»*.olb£»*.dll£»*.ocx£»*.exe)"
+msgstr "TypeLib ™n°¸ (*.tlb;*.olb;*.dll;*.ocx;*.exe)"

So half width semicolons seem to be preferred to full width ones which 
is fine to me. But in the first patch it's followed by a space, like in 
English, and not in the second one which seems inconsistent.

 msgid "Wine Programs (*.exe; *.exe.so)"
-msgstr "Wine ³Ìʽ (*.exe£»*.exe.so)"
+msgstr "Wine ³Ìʽ (*.exe,*.exe.so)"

Here the semicolon was replaced by a comma (and no space), which is 
probably wrong.

 msgid "Programs (*.exe)"
-msgstr "³Ìʽ (*.exe)"
+msgstr "³Ìʽ(*.exe) "

The previous changes all preserved the space before the opening 
parenthesis. If I add the fact that this introduces a space after 
the closing parenthesis I'd guess this was unintentional.

 msgid "Printer files (*.prn)"
-msgstr "ÁÐÓ¡™n°¸ (*.prn)"
+msgstr "ÁÐÓ¡™n°¸ (*.PRN)"

All other strings of this type use lower case for the extension so I'm 
not sure about this change.

+#, fuzzy
 msgid "The device door is open.\n"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Ó¡±í™CÉwÊÇ´òé_µÄ; ¡£\n"

+#, fuzzy
 msgid "Connection unavailable.\n"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "²»¿ÉÓÃ; ¡£\n"

The combination of the semicolon and full width full stop seems wrong. I 
suspect the fuzzy translations were from the printer common dialog 
English strings that ended in a semicolon which escaped removal.

msgid ""
"This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it "
"under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the "
"Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your "
"option) any later version."
msgstr ""
"×ÔÓÉÜ›ów»ù½ð•þ³ö°æµÄ GNU LGPL 2.1\n"

This string is not supposed to be explicitly wrapped. Is the wrapping 
made necessary for Taiwanese because of a Wine bug?

 msgid "Finished searching the document."
-msgstr "™n°¸ËÑŒ¤½YÊø¡£"
+msgstr "™n°¸²éÕÒ½YÊø."

 msgid "Failed to load the RichEdit library."
-msgstr "RichEdit ÝdÈëʧ”¡¡£"
+msgstr "RichEdit ÑbÝdʧ”¡."

Everywhere else full width full stops are used so this change looks 
strange to me.

 msgid "Overwrite %1? (Yes|No|All)\n"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "ÊÇ·ñ¸²Éw %1£¿ £¨ÊÇ£ü·ñ£üÈ«²¿½ÔÊÇ£©\n"

Note that in English the 'Yes' implies one should use the 'Y' key, 
etc. So this set of strings is tied to the following translations:

 msgctxt "Yes key"
 msgid "Y"
 msgstr ""

 msgctxt "No key"
 msgid "N"
 msgstr ""

 msgctxt "All key"
 msgid "A"
 msgstr ""

So depending on the keyboard layout it may be necessary to do something 
like '£¨ÊÇ(Y)£ü·ñ(N)£üÈ«²¿½ÔÊÇ(A)£©'

There's another translation which works the same way, look for
"(F - File, D - Directory)"

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