shlwapi: Implemented StrToInt64ExA/W

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Sun Feb 26 16:19:50 CST 2012

New patch modified according to the newer suggestions that I received:
1) The test on lpiRet could be removed for optimizing StrToIntExA() and 
StrToIntExW(), but this will be logically different from the current 
implementation in trunk, that's why it existed in previous patches. I did it, 
but I do not know if there were some particular reason for having this...
2) Simplified the StrToInt_results[] table and now the fields str_to_int64_ex 
and str_to_int64_hex are the only ones, so StrToIntExA/W will share the same 
entries of StrToInt64ExA/W, by casting them to 'int' type. Finally, 64 bit 
constants have been generated with "shift by 32 with or" method in this table.
3) Since it seems that StrToInt64ExA/W are not supported on Windows 2000, they 
are loaded dynamically via GetProcAddress in the tests.


Carlo Bramini.

PS: Thank you very much to the friends that they are guiding me in this first 

>I improved the patch according to the suggestions that I received:
>1) Removed the C++ style comment
>2) Removed the WARN message
>3) Added the tests for the new functions. The test has been run successfully 
>on Ubuntu 11.10.
>Carlo Bramini
>>I tried to implement StrToInt64ExA/W as a reply to bug #27633
>>I also corrected the comment in functions FormatInt() and FormatDouble() 
>>because, according to MSDN, GetNumberFormat() returns the number of 
>>written (or required) and not the number of bytes emitted:
>>I hope my first patch to WINE is correct and it could be useful.
>>Carlo Bramini.

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