msvcrt/file.c: file mode T (temporary file) (try 3)

Robert van Herk mijnspamboxje at
Mon Feb 27 04:23:01 CST 2012

> So what actually prevents you from properly implementing this? Especially 
> that Wine already supports temporary files. Search for MSVCRT__O_TEMPORARY
> Vitaliy.

I wrote a new version that maps

I deliberately included MSVCRT__O_TEMPORARY in 'T': on Windows, when a file is opened in 'T' mode, a subsequent call to GetFileAttributes(tempfile) show that the FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY flag is set, so this seemed like to most sensible thing to do.

I updated the conformance test such that it checks that the file is actually deleted after fclose.

Kind regards,
Robert van Herk
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