A small cs.po file update

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Tue Feb 28 04:57:44 CST 2012

On Mon, 27 Feb 2012, David wrote:

> Hello.
> There is attached a small cs.po update. Gzipped. Generated using 
> winepo. More is coming. I am planning to update it all. Last will be 
> translation of certificates/encryption strings.

Thanks for the translation update. Unfortunately the tool you used to 
edit the PO file converted all the line ends from LF to CR+LF. The 
resulting diff was not so small as it contained the whole file twice.

I have cleaned it up and rediffed it for this time (and I'll try to 
modify winepo to detect this).

Some notes about the patch:

-#, fuzzy
 msgid "&Modify..."
 msgstr "Z&měnit"

 msgid "&Install"
-msgstr "&Instalovat"
+msgstr "Na&instalovat..."

The ellipses don't match here. Ellipses are very important because, for 
instance, they make all the difference between a 'Print' button that 
will send the page to the default printer right away, and a 'Print...' 
button that will first display a dialog that will let you choose the 
destination printer or cancel before anything happens.

These look like th eonly two issues so things are looking pretty good.

msgid ""
"Is '%1' a filename or directory\n"
"on the target?\n"
"(F - File, D - Directory)\n"
msgstr ""
"Je '%1' název souboru nebo adresáře\n"
"v cíli?\n"
"(F - Soubor, D - Adresář)\n"

It would probably be more intuitive for users if you change the 
'shortcut keys':

"(S - Soubor, A - Adresář)\n"

And then modify the two other corresponding translations:

msgctxt "File key"
msgid "F"
msgstr "S"

msgctxt "Directory key"
msgid "D"
msgstr "A"

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