notepad: Remove unused resource strings.

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Tue Jan 3 05:26:49 CST 2012

 programs/notepad/notepad.rc    |    8 --------
 programs/notepad/notepad_res.h |    5 -----
 2 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)

diff --git a/programs/notepad/notepad.rc b/programs/notepad/notepad.rc
index 2add47e..f034e03 100644
--- a/programs/notepad/notepad.rc
+++ b/programs/notepad/notepad.rc
@@ -67,25 +67,17 @@ STRING_PAGESETUP_FOOTERVALUE,   "Page &p"
 STRING_NOTEPAD,                                 "Notepad"
 STRING_ERROR,                                   "ERROR"
-STRING_WARNING,                                 "WARNING"
-STRING_INFO,                                    "Information"
 STRING_UNTITLED,                                "Untitled"
 STRING_ALL_FILES,                               "All files (*.*)"
 STRING_TEXT_FILES_TXT,                  "Text files (*.txt)"
-STRING_TOOLARGE,                                "File '%s' is too large for notepad.\n\
-Please use a different editor."
-STRING_NOTEXT,                                  "You did not enter any text.\
-\nPlease type something and try again."
 STRING_DOESNOTEXIST,                            "File '%s' does not exist.\n\n\
 Do you want to create a new file?"
 STRING_NOTSAVED,                                "File '%s' has been modified.\n\n\
 Would you like to save the changes?"
 STRING_NOTFOUND,                                        "'%s' could not be found."
-STRING_OUT_OF_MEMORY,                   "Not enough memory to complete this \
-task.\nClose one or more applications to increase the amount of free memory."
 STRING_UNICODE_LE,     "Unicode (UTF-16)"
 STRING_UNICODE_BE,     "Unicode (UTF-16 big-endian)"
diff --git a/programs/notepad/notepad_res.h b/programs/notepad/notepad_res.h
index c7dcd67..4fed2f8 100644
--- a/programs/notepad/notepad_res.h
+++ b/programs/notepad/notepad_res.h
@@ -70,18 +70,13 @@
 #define STRING_NOTEPAD 0x170
 #define STRING_ERROR 0x171
-#define STRING_WARNING 0x172
-#define STRING_INFO 0x173
 #define STRING_UNTITLED 0x174
 #define STRING_ALL_FILES 0x175
 #define STRING_TEXT_FILES_TXT 0x176
-#define STRING_TOOLARGE 0x177
-#define STRING_NOTEXT 0x178
 #define STRING_NOTSAVED 0x17A
 #define STRING_NOTFOUND 0x17B
 #define STRING_UNICODE_LE      0x180
 #define STRING_UNICODE_BE      0x181

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