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         <title>Audio Settings</title>
-          Wine can work with quite a few different audio subsystems
-          which you can choose under the "Audio" tab.  winecfg figures out all 
-          available drivers for you, but you can manually select which driver 
-          will be used.  Older
-          Linux distributions using the 2.4 kernel or earlier typically
-          use the "OSS" driver.  Usually 2.6 kernels have switched to "ALSA".
-          The "aRts" driver was recently deactivated due to the general lack
-          of maintenance of the "aRts" subsystem.
-          If you're using GNOME you can probably use EsounD.  The OSS and ALSA 
-          audio drivers get the most testing, so it's recommended you stick 
-          with them if possible.  
-          If you need to use "Jack", "NAS" or "CoreAudio" you probably already know why.
+          Wine can work with quite a few different audio subsystems.
+          You can see the selected driver that Wine figures out for you
+          under the "Audio" tab.
-          DirectSound settings are primarily used by games.  You can
-          choose what level of hardware acceleration you'd like, but
-          for most people "Full" is fine.  
+          You can manually select which device will be used for
+          Output, Input, Voice output and Voice input. For example you can choose
+          the digital output of your sound device instead of the analog one.

Best Regards, André Hentschel
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