include/ddk: ntddcdvd.h structure naming, packing fixes

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Jan 21 16:27:24 CST 2012

Bring some of the definitions in wine's ntddcdvd.h header in line with WDK 7.1.

A test program to print out the sizes of structures in wine's ntddcdvd.h showed
the following differences between native and wine:

-sizeof(struct _DVD_COPY_PROTECT_KEY) is 24
+sizeof(struct _DVD_COPY_PROTECT_KEY) is 32
-sizeof(struct DVD_READ_STRUCTURE) is 17
-sizeof(struct _DVD_LAYER_DESCRIPTOR) is 17
+sizeof(struct DVD_READ_STRUCTURE) is 24
+sizeof(struct _DVD_LAYER_DESCRIPTOR) is 20
-sizeof(struct _DVD_BCA_DESCRIPTOR) is 4
+sizeof(struct _DVD_BCA_DESCRIPTOR) is 1

It also exposed the curious fact that the WDK 7.1 defines

The _DVD_BCA_DESCRIPTOR mismatch doesn't seem
worth fixing, but Dragon Age Origins' cd check needs one of the others
fixed, see
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