winealsa: snd_card_get_name uses strdup (Valgrind). (2nd)

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Mon Jan 30 12:01:31 CST 2012


Andrew Eikum updated ALSA's documentation;a=commitdiff;h=226a34ac09e5d9c08ab8845e4c2e3fbd7b64010b
Now the requirement to free() is documented.

I've had no feedback about patch #82900, so I looked at it again.
ALSA does not document (nor use) the return code range [1..maxint].
Here's a variation on the patch that'll reuse the same condition
that is used after snd_card_get_name to use a static name: err < 0.

+            if(!(err < 0))
+                free((char*)cardname);

Perhaps that way, the relationship is obvious.

Please choose whether to apply the original patch #82900 or this one.
It used instead "if(!err)" i.e. the 0 return code that ALSA documents.

	Jörg Höhle
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