[PATCH 2/2] ws2_32: Permit broadcast packets on interface-bound sockets for systems with IP_UNICAST_IF and SO_ATTACH_FILTER.

Erich E. Hoover ehoover at mymail.mines.edu
Mon Jul 16 15:52:51 CDT 2012

This patch is a continuation of the previous patch that adds support
for Linux systems (kernel 3.4-rc1 and newer).  Since the Linux
networking maintainer has been unwilling to create a socket option
identical to SO_BINDTODEVICE that does not require administrative
permissions, I went to the effort of getting IP_UNICAST_IF added to
the kernel.  In addition to giving us the ability to support
IP_UNICAST_IF, the addition of this option gives us a new way to solve
Bug #7929.  This new approach involves restricting outgoing packets
through the use of IP_UNICAST_IF and filtering incoming packets using
Linux Socket Filters.  It is important to note that neither of these
features require administrative privileges, so I hope that this patch
provides a good solution to finally close Bug #7929.
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