[1/4] user32/tests: remove WM_DESTROY processing in test (it is of no use and causes tests skipping) (try 2)

Alexey Slepov sir-lexa at yandex.ru
Sat Jun 2 17:04:14 CDT 2012

That PostQuitMessage() call in WM_DESTROY part of user callback function is the cause of skipping some tests.
As described in comments in wine sources, PostQuitMessage() sets a flag in the thread's message queue that signals it to generate a WM_QUIT message when there are no other pending sent or posted messages in the queue.
Skipped are tests which use WM_TIMER messages - test_timer_message() and my test.
In DIALOG_DoDialogBox() there is clearly defined that on receiving WM_QUIT message the window is destroyed. So timer messages just do not reach the queue.
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