[3/4] user32/tests: WM_ERASEBKGND should be sent before WM_PAINT processing. (try 2)

Alexey Slepov sir-lexa at yandex.ru
Sat Jun 2 17:05:26 CDT 2012

The problem is that WM_ERASEBKGND is sent after WM_PAINT thus cleaning user callback function's drawing (without using BeginPaint-EndPaint).
This situation is described in bugs #2624 and #3637.
It seems WM_PAINT handling method, used in this test (GetDC-draw-ReleaseDC) is widely used and described in some books (I have one such).
Wine Bot says, that test succeeds on all Windows platforms and fails on Wine. So I marked it todo.

Some cosmetic changes in test comparing to previous try.
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