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Thu Mar 8 07:35:56 CST 2012

According to the instructions that I just received at #winehq irc channel, I'm 
posting again the patch that I had sent before the release of version 1.4 since 
it had been freezed to "deferred" state.


Carlo Bramini

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>Ogg: shlwapi: Implemented StrToInt64ExA/W
>New patch modified according to the newer suggestions that I received:
>1) The test on lpiRet could be removed for optimizing StrToIntExA() and 
>StrToIntExW(), but this will be logically different from the current 
>implementation in trunk, that's why it existed in previous patches. I did 
>but I do not know if there were some particular reason for having this...
>2) Simplified the StrToInt_results[] table and now the fields 
>and str_to_int64_hex are the only ones, so StrToIntExA/W will share the 
>entries of StrToInt64ExA/W, by casting them to 'int' type. Finally, 64 bit 
>constants have been generated with "shift by 32 with or" method in this 
>3) Since it seems that StrToInt64ExA/W are not supported on Windows 2000, 
>are loaded dynamically via GetProcAddress in the tests.
>Carlo Bramini.
>PS: Thank you very much to the friends that they are guiding me in this 
>>I improved the patch according to the suggestions that I received:
>>1) Removed the C++ style comment
>>2) Removed the WARN message
>>3) Added the tests for the new functions. The test has been run 
>>on Ubuntu 11.10.
>>Carlo Bramini
>>>I tried to implement StrToInt64ExA/W as a reply to bug #27633
>>>I also corrected the comment in functions FormatInt() and FormatDouble() 
>>>because, according to MSDN, GetNumberFormat() returns the number of 
>>>written (or required) and not the number of bytes emitted:
>>>I hope my first patch to WINE is correct and it could be useful.
>>>Carlo Bramini.

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