[PATCH 6/7] ntdll: Inherit security attributes from parent directories (try 2).

Erich E. Hoover ehoover at mymail.mines.edu
Sun Nov 4 01:03:03 CST 2012

This patch changes the behavior of security attributes such that when
a file is being created and no attributes are specified then the
attributes that are marked as inherited are copied from the parent
directory.  PlayReady requires these inherited attributes so that the
individualization file gets the appropriate permissions from the
parent folder (770), it won't set them properly otherwise and will
therefore attempt to recopy the file (and fail).  Without this patch,
and the preceding patches, attempting to load Netflix will cause an
Internet Connection Problem when the loading bar gets to 99% (Bug
#31858).  With this patch in place then Netflix still doesn't quite
work, but it's very close - it will then play about 1 second of audio
before stopping due to Bug #31993 (part 7).

This version is rebased against a revised patch 3.
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