[PATCH 1/7] advapi: Implement SetSecurityInfo on top of NtSetSecurityObject (resend 2).

Erich E. Hoover ehoover at mymail.mines.edu
Sun Nov 4 01:29:09 CST 2012

This series of patches provides a fix for Bug #31858 (Netflix Internet
Connection Problem) and Bug #31993 (Netflix hangs with loading bar at
100%).  Once this patch series has been applied then Netflix (using
Silverlight 4.x) will successfully load and play movies and TV shows,
provided that you do not move the mouse while the content is first
loading (though this only appears to be a problem when taking a
"+relay" log).  It's also worth noting that these patches supersede
91569-91571 (and 91645-91649) and that patch 7 can be safely applied
without patches 1-6.

I didn't like the way 91647-91648 turned out, and Andre Hentschel
requested that there be some tests, so I reworked everything into
something that I felt better about.  In order to do this, in a way
that is easy to test, it becomes necessary to add
SetNamedSecurityInfoW (patch 2, which requires SetSecurityInfo).  This
particular patch adds SetSecurityInfo by layering it on top of
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