user32/tests: SetWindowPos() propagates update region from WS_CLIPCHILDREN child to its children (try 5).

Sergey Guralnik serhio at
Wed Apr 10 06:28:34 CDT 2013

Alexandre Julliard writes:

>> This patch demonstrates the most interest case from previous 
>> versions.
>> When SetWindowPos() moves child window, that has some invalid
>> area, it also invalidates children of this window according to its
>> update region, even if moved window has WS_CLIPCHILDREN style.
>> Wine doesn't perform this invalidation.
>> One pretty large application depends on this feature, and now,
>> runned under Wine, it has broken output.
>> Hope this variant is more clear than all previous.
> It's better, but testing the message sequence doesn't seem very 
> useful,
> particularly since you don't differentiate parent and child messages.
> Also you should test the region before the move to show that it's the
> move that's changing it.

Changes since last version:
- message sequence testing removed at all
- added update region testing for all windows
   before and after moving.

  dlls/user32/tests/win.c |   68 
  1 files changed, 68 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
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