[PATCH 2/2] gdi32: Clip font glyphs to fit within text metrics.

Sam Edwards cfsworks at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 15:18:00 CDT 2013

This change only affects malformed fonts that have glyphs with splines 
that go above the maximum ascent as specified in the font's hhea/os2 
table. For that reason, any tests for this change would have to include 
a malformed font, so I did not write tests. If we want in-tree tests, 
we'll need to figure out how to include a malformed font to test against.

If you wish to verify the change yourself, I do have a standalone test 
here, which tests against HL2MP.ttf:
(Run it on Wine with and without this patch, then run it on Windows. Pay 
special attention to glyphs 0x2e and 0x39, which are problematic with 
this font.)

This patch fixes bug #12044, and should fix bug #7698 as well.
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