user32: SetTimer should respect the minimum and maximum timeout limits (try 2).

Erich E. Hoover ehoover at
Tue Apr 23 17:07:34 CDT 2013

The attached patch is the next step in the series of fixes for
supporting Netflix under Wine.  I'm starting with patches that affect
more than just PlayReady and moving toward more PlayReady-specific
patches as I move along.  In the case of this patch, video rendering
in all Silverlight applications should be improved dramatically once
the patch is applied.

So, this particular patch fixes the minimum and maximum timeout limits
for SetTimer, which has a significant impact on any application using
SetTimer to render video (Bug #32489).  The old minimum timeout (55
ms) is nowhere near short enough to render video at 24 FPS, causing
"choppy" video behavior in a variety of Silverlight apps.  Even though
MSDN indicates that the minimum timeout should be 10 ms, I'm using the
value established from the included tests instead (15 ms).  This
version of the patch has a more lenient timeout check (allowing +/- 2
ms around the timeout instead of +/- 1 ms), which makes it such that
the test doesn't fail on the 64-bit testbot VM.
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