[0/4] Improve wineconsole and kernel32

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at orange.fr
Thu Apr 25 15:23:26 CDT 2013

Le 24/04/2013 09:15, Hugh McMaster a écrit :
> This series of four patches will improve various three functions in kernel32:
> * GetConsoleFontSize
> * GetCurrentConsoleFont
> * GetLargestConsoleWindowSize
> This is achieved by moving logical calculations to wineconsole itself. kernel32.dll only receives the final values.
> The first and second patches should be applied to source before compiling Wine. If this is not done, the compiler will exit with errors. (The first is a patch for server/protocol.def and requires tools/make_requests to be run).
lots of more effort is needed:
- there are already getter / setter requests for console objects, so use 
them (and see below the max size if already supported in requests)
- wineserver can handle several console, so requests should be made with 
a console object (a console output one)
- the information is to be stored in wine server objects and not as 
static variables
- there max screen size is already stored in console output objects in 
wine server

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