winmm: More compatible waveIn/Out[Un]Prepare WHDR_* flag handling.

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Mon Feb 11 06:28:09 CST 2013


This completes my winmm Prepare Header changes on the wave side.

+    header->dwFlags &= ~(WHDR_DONE|WHDR_INQUEUE); /* flags cleared since w2k */

I choose to implement the behavior since w2k. Hopefully this will not break some w9x app.

-    header->dwFlags |= WHDR_DONE;
Never ever observed.  Neither w95 nor xp or w7.
Perhaps MS would have been wise to do so, as simply looking at a header you cannot
tell whether it's been processed or not (returned with error code).
I choose to implement compatible behaviour.

-    if(!(lpWaveInHdr->dwFlags & WHDR_PREPARED))
-        return MMSYSERR_NOERROR;
     if(lpWaveInHdr->dwFlags & WHDR_INQUEUE)
         return WAVERR_STILLPLAYING;
+    if(!(lpWaveInHdr->dwFlags & WHDR_PREPARED))
+        return MMSYSERR_NOERROR;
Note the subtle difference in behaviour between wave and midi headers...

>IMHO calling named winmm:xyz functions should be equivalent to dispatching MM* messages

I forgot to add that I'm still surprised that Andrew Eikum could reimplement
waveIn/OutMessage *without* using MMDRV_Message by simply returning MMSYSERR_NOTSUPPORTED.

Either all apps use the named winmm:waveIn/OutXyz functions instead of calling waveOutMessage()
or nobody bothered to complain that some apps (perhaps w3.1 ones?) lack sound.

That area obviously needs some testing...

    Jörg Höhle
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