server/advapi32: Report administrator ownership by default for registry objects (try 5).

Erich E. Hoover ehoover at
Sun Feb 24 16:07:41 CST 2013

The attached patch fixes an issue where the Opera installer expects
registry keys to return ownership information (Bug #32904), concluding
the cleanup of [Get|Set]NamedSecurityInfo issues.  This patch
addresses the issue by ensuring that NULL owner and group information
is never returned for registry keys and instead returns the
Administrators SID (S-1-5-32-544) when this information is
unavailable, which is sufficient to keep the Opera installer from
encountering an error. The included test shows that this behavior is
the case for system keys on Windows, which returns the Administrators
SID for system registry keys (such as HKLM\Software).

This version of the patch has been updated to use the "get_sd"
function to create and update a security descriptor containing the
ownership information when such information is requested, similar to
what is done with file objects in file_get_sd.  This approach is more
specific than the previous one, but such an approach is unnecessary
since there are currently no other known objects that require this
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