Fwd: kernel32: Correct log on / logon (noun / verb)

Ken Sharp kennybobs at o2.co.uk
Fri Jul 26 05:46:24 CDT 2013

No feedback, sending as-is.

Tested aok here.

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Subject: kernel32: Correct log on / logon (noun / verb)
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2013 00:37:37 +0100
From: Ken Sharp <kennybobs at o2.co.uk>
To: wine-devel at winehq.org

Evening Winos,

Attached is a patch to correct some winerr messages. Specifically change
a noun to a verb, and update the .po files with it.

Firstly, could you take a look and point out any obvious errors I may
have made?

I have marked some of the translations fuzzy because it's not clear if
the original translator realised that this should have been the verb and
not the noun.  A quick look through the translations on Wikipedia
suggests that most languages do use different terms for the noun and the

and so on.

Some of these listings seem to use completely different words to the
current translation in Wine so I wouldn't dare make a guess.

Secondly, what do people think about the use of "Can't" as opposed to
"Cannot"? I have not made the change in the patch but I'm wondering if
people think that this should be done. Can't is informal and as my old
English teacher would say, "Can't is not a word!" It is, but being
pedantic "cannot" is probably the better choice. I assume Windows uses
"can't" seen as it listed in winerror.mc.

Thanks all!


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