Daemonizing wine (fix for issue #15462)

Micha Nelissen micha at neli.hopto.org
Sat Nov 23 10:18:19 CST 2013


Attached is a patch to fix issue #15462 'Wine blocking on exit when 
stdout and stderr are piped'.

I'm using wine to run the MSVC compiler.

The patch creates a daemon.err logfile in the wine server dir 
(/tmp/.wine-XXX/YYY/), where the output of wineserver.exe, services.exe, 
and all other background processes go.

I've removed the inheritance of stdin/stdout/stderr in server/process.c 
(that took some time to find!) because in windows, either you set 
bInheritHandles to true with CreateProcess and you inherit stdin etc 
too, or you set it false, and you get nothing. So this patch should also 
increase winapi compatibility.

Please review and apply, thanks!

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