zh_CN Translation Submittion

Jeff Bai jeffbaichina at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 22:53:40 CST 2014

Hello, fellow developers.

I've got several hundred strings translated to zh_CN, and according to you
guys' wiki I am supposed to submit a patch of what I've changed.

So here it is (too long, used PasteBin)


Also, I am not sure if I would be fast enough to get them all done by
1.7.34 (nearly two weeks apart?), so is it Okay for me to submit them bit
by bit, like this time, several hundred? There's still about 950 left as I
can see on POEdit - and I think I can push this to 100% after my high
school final four days later.

Thanks everyone, Wine is AWESOME.


Jeff Bai (白铭骢)
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