wininet: Handle CERT_TRUST_IS_NOT_SIGNATURE_VALID in netconn_verify_cert()

中川祥 matyapiro31 at
Wed Dec 31 00:05:06 CST 2014 will fix, but the function is not implemented yet,too.

On 2014年12月31日(水) PM2:47 Bruno Jesus <00cpxxx at> wrote:

> The application hits a CERT_TRUST_IS_NOT_SIGNATURE_VALID, and only
> passes the flag SECURITY_FLAG_IGNORE_UNKNOWN_CA. Currently wine is not
> able to ignore this error and aborts.
> This is an extension to the work added by commit
> e2a9511b30e5b68eb328c08ffecf56dcc91bce0b
> Fixes
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