regsvr32: Convert source to Unicode and modify a resource string (try 3)

Hugh McMaster hugh.mcmaster at
Mon Jun 16 06:27:02 CDT 2014

This patch converts programs/regsvr32/regsvr32.c to Unicode.

The following resource string is also updated, to allow char *procName to print using WriteConsoleW.

-STRING_PROC_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, "regsvr32: %1 not implemented in DLL '%2'\n"
+STRING_PROC_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, "regsvr32: '%1!S!' not implemented in DLL '%2'\n"

Please do not update the po files when committing this patch, as forthcoming changes to the resource string above will fuzzy all existing translations. Once the patch has been committed, I will generate a patch updating all of the po files.

Note that the following change is necessary:

if (command_line[0] == ':' && command_line[1])
    /* code */
- wsCommandLine = EmptyLine;
+command_line[0] = 0;

This is because command_line could equal /i:   , meaning that InstallDLL would be (incorrectly) passed a colon char instead of 0.

Please email me or the wine-devel list if something is incorrect. Thank you.
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