regsvr32: Implement new method of handling arguments/flags (try 4)

Hugh McMaster hugh.mcmaster at
Thu May 15 07:54:43 CDT 2014

This patch replaces the existing argument parser in regsvr32.c.

1. Arguments longer than /.    (with the exception /.:  ) are treated as filenames. This maintains existing behaviour.
2. Arguments that do not match any cases (e.g. /a or /a:  ) are caught as invalid.
3. Arguments with matching cases (e.g. /u  ) are accepted as valid. A matching case with a following colon (e.g. /u:  ) is an input error. This is accepted as valid, as the colon and anything following it directly are ignored.  This is valid Windows behaviour. To check this, try "regsvr32 /u:abc your.dll".

The patch simplifies the existing parser and will make a future conversion to Unicode far simpler.
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