[PATCH] wininet: remove custom port handling in HTTP_HandleRedirect (try 2)

Daniel Lehman dlehman at esri.com
Thu Oct 23 09:21:54 CDT 2014

Try 2: rebased 

HTTP_HandleRedirect updates both:
- the Host: field
- and session->hostname

If there is a custom port, it is appended to session->hostName.  This causes problems for later HttpOpenRequest/process_host_port calls that append the port to the host name (resulting in "foobar:1234:1234")

There is already logic in HTTP_HandleRequest that will update the request->server if the new host or port don't match.  in that case, get_server/process_host_port use the updated host and port and store them appended in server->host_port.  If they already match, server->host_port is left untouched

The attached change removes the current custom port logic to instead use server->host_port to update the Host: field
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