wrc: remove redeclaration of optarg and optind

carlo.bramix at libero.it carlo.bramix at libero.it
Tue Aug 11 03:43:28 CDT 2015

When compiling with CYGWIN, the compiler complains that 'optarg' and 'optind' 
are redeclared without dllimport in WMC and WRC tools.

In my opinion, it would be better to remove those redeclarations because 
actually "wine/port.h" already replaces their absence.

I tried to compile without those redeclaration on:
Ubuntu 12.04: no problems.
CYGWIN: no more complains about dllimport redeclaration.
MINGW: it provides an implementation of getopt functions, but they are bugged 
to me so I deleted getopt.h from the main includes for forcing the usage of the 
getopt functions provided directly by libwine. Also in this case, no problems 
found, even with a system without any builtin support of getopt.

Attached patches delete those redeclarations of 'optarg' and 'optind'.


Carlo Bramini.

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