ws2_32: Trace accepted socket

Bruno Jesus 00cpxxx at
Mon Jun 15 08:22:05 CDT 2015

Just like done with socket creation and connection. Improves log
reading because we know where the socket came from.
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diff --git a/dlls/ws2_32/socket.c b/dlls/ws2_32/socket.c
index 1a4533b..d7c3ff3 100644
--- a/dlls/ws2_32/socket.c
+++ b/dlls/ws2_32/socket.c
@@ -2572,6 +2572,7 @@ SOCKET WINAPI WS_accept(SOCKET s, struct WS_sockaddr *addr, int *addrlen32)
                 return SOCKET_ERROR;
+            TRACE("\taccepted %04lx\n", as);
             return as;
         if (is_blocking && status == STATUS_CANT_WAIT)

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