gdi32/freetype: Properly handle loading of FT_Long-sized types (Valgrind)

Marc Bessières marc.bessieres at
Sun Jun 21 02:18:07 CDT 2015

Hi Nicolay,

May I ask you a question on your patch?

Why is the last line of the below extract still using reg_load_dword, and not 
reg_load_ftlong, while the cast was removed?
It doesn't seem good to me, or there is something special about the flags?


@@ -1541,10 +1549,10 @@ static void load_face(HKEY hkey_face, WCHAR 
*face_name, Family *family, void *bu
             face->FullName = NULL;
-        reg_load_dword(hkey_face, face_index_value, (DWORD*)&face-
+        reg_load_ftlong(hkey_face, face_index_value, &face->face_index);
         reg_load_dword(hkey_face, face_ntmflags_value, &face->ntmFlags);
-        reg_load_dword(hkey_face, face_version_value, (DWORD*)&face-
-        reg_load_dword(hkey_face, face_flags_value, (DWORD*)&face->flags);
+        reg_load_ftlong(hkey_face, face_version_value, &face->font_version);
+        reg_load_dword(hkey_face, face_flags_value, &face->flags);

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