[PATCH 1/3] wineps.drv: Add support for PostScript Format 1 glyph names.

Erich E. Hoover erich.e.hoover at wine-staging.com
Fri Sep 4 23:28:50 CDT 2015

In order to generate a searchable PDF from a PostScript document the
glyph names must follow Adobe's convention.  This patch adds the
appropriate glyph names for the "Format 1" glyphs (index 0 to 257) so
that the standard ASCII characters (plus some extras) are supported.

After looking further at the spec, this version of the patch has been
updated to use the names corresponding to the revision of the 'post'
table of the font.  This is particularly evident in patch 2 and 3
where support for PostScript Format 2 is added.  The patch series also
includes several revisions suggested by Nikolay Sivov, Huw Davies, and
Sebastian Lackner.
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