[PATCH 2/5] mpr: Implement provider selection given remote name. (try 3)

Pierre Schweitzer pierre at reactos.org
Mon Aug 8 05:09:42 CDT 2016

This is basically a complete rewrite of the previous patch. Testing has
shown that I was doing my selection the wrong way. I was relying on
WNetGetResourceInformationW() API for selecting the appropriate
provider. But, the capability used for it is a capability of
WNNC_DIALOG, it has nothing to do with connections, and not all
providers supporting connections implement this features (thus, breaking
auto-selection here).

This patches just does as many other API in WNET by asking every
provider whether they can mount the remote path. We stop on the first
success or on the lack of drive letters (if automatic redirection is
Pierre Schweitzer <pierre at reactos.org>
System & Network Administrator
Senior Kernel Developer
ReactOS Deutschland e.V.
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