winedbg: Add disassembly_flavor option to use the intel disassembly style like gdb's disassembly-flavor option. (try 2)

Changhui LIU liuchanghui at
Fri Jan 8 02:18:34 CST 2016

Superseded patch 117892 .

1, remove +5 magic number.
2,fix print address symbol  for 32bit program.

The disassembler source is cloned from
It is Simplified BSD License.

The default disassembly style is att, usage:

1) Set the disassembly style to intel .
Wine-dbg> set !disassembly_flavor intel

2) Set the disassembly style to att .
Wine-dbg> set !disassembly_flavor att    

Changhui Liu
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