[PATCH 1/2] comctl32/propsheet: Diverse UI fixes

Hermès BÉLUSCA-MAÏTO hermes.belusca at sfr.fr
Thu Mar 9 14:19:49 CST 2017

[PATCH 1/2] comctl32/propsheet: Diverse UI fixes:

- Draw static text elements with a transparent background, so that they
acquire the correct background color of the wizard window.

- Modify the check for the header bitmap, as the header's hbmHeader is
initialized also if the flag PSH_HEADER but not PSH_USEHBMHEADER is set (see
function PROPSHEET_LoadWizardBitmaps).

- Add a check for header's hbmWatermark so that the watermark is drawn only
when a valid bitmap handle is present. - Fix a copy-pasta error when drawing
the header's subtitle.

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