[v2 1/2] msvcrt: Add stub for Concurrency::Alloc

Piotr Caban piotr.caban at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 09:41:45 CDT 2017


On 03/16/17 23:12, Gijs Vermeulen wrote:
>  dlls/msvcrt/lock.c                  | 9 +++++++++
I think it would be better to implement the function in heap.c file. 
Could you please move the implementation there.

> +void * __cdecl Alloc(MSVCRT_size_t _NumBytes)
Please rename the function to Concurrency_Alloc and argument name to size.

> +    void *p = MSVCRT_malloc(_NumBytes);
> +    FIXME("(%ld, %p) stub\n", _NumBytes, p);
How about changing the FIXME message to something like:
FIXME("(%ld) returning %p\n", size, p);
(this matches the trace of operator new).


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