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Peter Petersen pepe-despamit-99 at
Sun Apr 1 08:30:58 CDT 2001


lawson_whitney at schrieb:

>> Well, if more recent versions don't have this little problem, I will
>> do.
>I don't know.  What is the harm to try?  Yes, wine does rather eat hd
>space to build.

Of course, in the end I will try :)
But it is rather long process and, indeed, eating lots of hard disk
space. But yes, I might give a newer version a try.

>> - and more important to me:
>> Which one is the latest version of wine which can be socksified?
>> (I have access to a shell account and my own socks server there, and I
>> have a newsserver account which I could (legitimately) reach that way,
>> but not with a not local dial-up, this is so crazy (being forced to
>> use my more expensive local dial-up just to be able to post on my
>> newsserver etc.).
>What do you mean, socksified?  As I understand it, wine's windocks are

What I mean is, preloading (using a script called
"runsocks"), which forces Agent etc. to connect via a socks proxy
server and prevents it from trying to make direct connections to nntp

If you happen to know sockscap32 (for windows), you may know what it
is all about.
As I already mentioned, I need this "socksifying" feature to be able
to reach one newsserver which I am entitled to use, but which I can't
reach with my normal cheaper dial-up providers (I can only reach it
with one and more expensive local provider whose IP block is in the
same field as the newsserver's). Since I have a socks server of my own
running on an account reachable by ssh and also within the same local
IP subnet, I can use this socks proxy to reach the newsserver.

This works fine with sockscap under windows, and it used to work with
quite old versions of wine, but later ones: no go! (confirmed by the
wine experts, by the way).
So I wanted to find out without having to download all kinds of
different versions, if someone knows what the latest version is that
still can be socksified.

In an earlier thread (last year or so) this question was not answered
resp. nobody had a memory of the time where this broke/was changed.


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