wine/problem with sound interference

Peter Petersen pepe-despamit-99 at
Sun Apr 1 08:33:34 CDT 2001


Rein Klazes <rklazes at> schrieb:

>> - and more important to me:
>> Which one is the latest version of wine which can be socksified?
>This was discussed last year:

Yes, that's what I said. Discussed, but not answered.

>|  No, he means 'runsocks'. The runsocks is a shell script
>|  that sets and then launches
>|  the target application. The preloaded library overrides
>|  bind(), connect(), and similar routines, to enforce
>|  connecting through the SOCKS proxy server. I do not know
>|  which release works, but this probably got broken either when
>|  the wineserver code was activated (because the socks library,
>|  not being robust enough, completely ruins the local Unix
>|  socket stuff that wineserver uses), or when the Winsock
>|  was rewritten. Most likely the former. But I do not know
>|  which release this happened in.
>So perhaps you can tell us the exact version that broke socksifying?

How could I answer that?
That's my question! :)


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