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Sun Apr 1 10:35:01 CDT 2001

On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, Rein Klazes wrote:

> On Sun, 01 Apr 2001 15:33:34 +0200, in
> Peter Petersen <pepe-despamit-99 at> wrote:
> > >So perhaps you can tell us the exact version that broke socksifying?
> >
> > Haha.
> > How could I answer that?
> > That's my question! :)
> I'm afraid I can't offer you an easy answer. It appears that none of
> the wine-developers use runsocks, you seem to be in a better position
> to answer it.
> Try it out. Learn how to build wine from source. Old versions of wine
> are still on the net, or use cvs. If you do a binary search approach
> this shouldn't take too long.
> Knowing which version broke socksifying, so we can tell why and
> perhaps fix the problem (although the chances may not be so good).
> Rein.
> --
> Rein Klazes
> rklazes at

At a guess, might it be about here?  (from <wine>/ChangeLog):

Wed Oct 13 16:17:23 1999  Alexandre Julliard  <julliard at>


	* server/, server/request.h, server/sock.c, server/trace.c, include/server.h, include/winsock.h:
	Ove Kaaven <ovek at>
	Added socket interface to wineserver.

Is there not a freely available linux sockets client you could use
instead of socksifying wine?  Seems I remember seeing one, but that is
in one of the moving gaps in my memory just now.


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