J.Brown (Ender/Amigo) ender at
Mon Apr 2 01:34:08 CDT 2001

I need them because the toolkit I'm using to code for this particular
console is very propritery, and requires many wonderful invocations from
command lines and the such. It'd just be so much easier to let
parse the bat files than hacking each step together manually :)

 - Ender

> Why do you need them?  Any file Wine can get at, it gets at using Linux.
> (well, whatever *nix it is running with) so you can edit your win32
> source with joe (_this_ programmer's favorite editor) or emacs if you'd
> rather.  I am studying on fixing a few little bugs in console handling,
> but I don't see my way clear just yet.  Hmmm, console handling is
> kind of broken just now, isn't it?  It was usable not long ago, and will
> be again soon if I have my way, but perhaps not before I sleep a bit.
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