Wine & openGL

Phrostie pfrostie at
Mon Apr 2 18:33:00 CDT 2001

I know that you have to have wine compiled for your emplimentation of opengl.
other than that i've not yet been sucessful yet either.

i've recompiled wine for Mesa/X11.
my application runs but no opengl.

is there a test application that i could try running that might yeild more info?

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Markus Holzapfel wrote:
>Rick Knight <rick at> wrote:
>> I have Codeweavers-wine installed and working. I'm able to run Lotus 
>> Notes 5.0.2 and a couple of other win applications. I've installed 
>> Half-Life and it does run, but only with software rendering. I have an 
>> nVidia Gforce GTX(?) and my openGL works for linux games. How do I get 
>> wine to use openGL. I modified the codeweavers source rpm to enable 
>> openGL but something still seems to be missing. Any ideas?
>I have the same Problem here. I'm running wine (latest sources from
>winehq) on a Mandrake 7.2 system with the nvidia opengl drivers. I
>tried to start Half-Life and it worked ok, except that it wouldn't
>use opengl (video mode not supported by your videocard). I played]
>an internet game in software mode but it's unplayable. As the nvidia
>driver replaces some libs (/usr/lib/ gets deleted and
>replaced by /usr/X11R6/lib/ for example) i'm not sure if
>these got compiled in correctly. Is there an option for configure
>or make which i have to set to point it to the right opengl lib?
>Or is it possible to use transgamers d3d for the game? Is it
>included in the newest wine sources or do i have to patch it
>in myself?
>Oh, and btw: Is there a faq for this newsgroup?
>Thanks in advance,

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